Legal Framework part 2

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Legal Framework part 2

United Kingdom

Civil Aviation Authority has published Information and guidance associated with the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), stipulating that Operators of Small Unmanned Aircraft are required, to obtain permission from the CAA before commencing a flight in certain circumstances; these circumstances cover:

  • flights for aerial work purposes; and

  • flights within a congested area, or in proximity to people or property, by Small Unmanned Aircraft equipped for any form of surveillance or data acquisition.

Term ‘Small Unmanned Aircraft’ is used to describe unmanned aircraft with the mass 20kg or less. This type is exempt from the majority of the regulations that are normally applicable to manned aircraft e.g there is no airworthiness approval or registration requirements. However, Operating permission and pilot license are required and are considered on a case-by-case basis during application for an operating permission.

Further information can be found on UK CAA official web page.


Federal Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur – BVMI has published on 1st of January 2014. a document called ‘Brief information about the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems’ (Kurzinformation über die Nutzung von unbemannten Luftfahrtsystemen) that states that the use of unmanned aerial systems is subject of authorization. Furthermore, the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems out of sight of the controller or with a mass exceeding 25 kg prohibited.

License for the commercial use of drones is issued on case-by-case basis, and is issued by aviation authorities of federal states. Aviation authorities are establishing if the intended use of unmanned aerial system is safe, an then the license is issued.

Also, this license can be issued for single task (Einzelerlaubnis – Single Permission) or general (Allgemeinerlaubnis – General Permission) that can be valid for up to 2 years.

Further information can be found on official BVMI web page.

Czech Republic

One of the first countries in Europe that has issued an official document that is tackling Unmanned Aerial Systems is Czech Republic.

On 21st of January 2013. a document called ‘Guidance procedures for issuing of permits to fly an unmanned aircraft’ (Směrnice postupy pro vydání povolení k létání letadla bez pilota) has been published, stating that pilots of UAS with the maximum take-off weight of more than 20 kg must be registered. Pilot registration requirements are theoretical (knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, flight physics etc) and practical (pilots are subjected to supervised check-out flight to prove their abilities). Also, pilots of UAS between 7kg and 20kg, can also be subjected to supervised check-out flight.

UAS are covered in this document as well, and the maximum take-off weight is more than 20kg, it is necessary to apply for register the UAS by Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic.

Further information can be found on official Civil Authority of Czech Republic web page.

Other countries

Beside UK, Germany and Czech Republic, other countries have published their document covering commercial use of drones. Links of corresponding authorities responsible for this topic are listed below:



The Nederlands 

Now that the basics are covered, only if something changes from legal point of view will be published here. From now on, more interesting topics will be covered, starting with the next post.


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