The city and the drones

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Skies of the cities in near future will be full of drones. They will be used for surveillance, mapping, infrastructure inspection, delivery, you name it. But how will UAV be incorporated in the existing fabric of urbanized areas? What kind of safety, legal, technical, liability, privacy etc. framework needs to be set up so that the potential of such vehicles can be fully utilized.

One of the first cities that will start experimenting with drone delivery system is Dubai. Officials of the United Arab Emirates want to introduce such system to deliver documents e.g. identification cards and driving licenses.

It will be interesting to see what will be the results of this experiment, because there are many questions to be answered:

  • What routes will drones take?
  • Will they fly over the existing street network, or above private property as well?
  • How will they be vertically and horizontally separated?
  • What kind of fail safe mechanism will be used?
  • How will the whole network be controlled etc.

Service provider that wants to use drones, will need to have some kind of “dronodrome” or station where UAV will land and take off, be serviced, recharged and loaded. Due to the limits of the operational range, several such stations need to exist throughout the city in order to cover required area. What kind of standards will be used to assess such station? Can it be privately owned?

City leaders need to start planning for the impact that drones will have on city services. New transport and delivery options may also open previously unknown opportunities in cities. But if those options are randomly embraced, without proper planning and preparation, they will create additional problems, and may harm a development of the city.

Because, no one will want to live in a city where drones are raining.

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