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South Eastern Europe is not the place where most people would expect thriving UAV aerial filming environment. Yet it exists, and one of the first to adopt the new technology and offer a new perspective to its customers was Airworx from Novi Sad, Serbia.

Born out of love for RC models and mountain biking, the story of Airworx begins some three years ago, when Nikola, the owner, wanting to make better aerial shots, assembled his first quadcopter and attached a GoPro to it. What started as a way of getting better videos of freeride biking became a full blown aerial filming company.

Operating mainly in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Hungary, these guys are responsible for some of the most stunning shots I’ve seen so far. Equipment behind those videos consists of octocopter with Microkopter electronics able to lift 2kg of payload, usually Sony CX730E, Blackmagic Pocket or Canon 5D mk2 and mk3 cameras. Also, there are two more TBS Discovery quadcopters equipped with GoPro Hero 3 cameras. Those small and nimble quads can be used to make shots from up to 3km distance, thanks to the FPV capabilities. Besides multirotors, Airworx also uses a Bormatec Maja fixed wing aircraft for terrain mapping.

What makes Nikola and his colleagues special is the fact that they are dedicated to make most out of their equipment and to use the full creative potential it has, keeping high safety standards at the same time. Although there are neither laws nor standards that cover use of commercial UAV in Serbia, Airworx uses its own, never flying its aircraft in urban environment above people, beyond visual line of sight and always up to 200m altitude.

Multirotors are a rare piece of machinery in the region, and that is why guys from Airworx plan to continue displaying all abilities of this tool in creating a unique visual identity. Ordinary stories can be presented in extraordinary ways and from unusual perspective using drones as an aerial filming platform.

For the end, here is a video Nikola is very proud of: wildlife shot made around the town of Novi Sad, Serbia. Small, running herd of roe deers was filmed beyond line of sight, in an open field using TBS Discovery quads.


Dronologista is quite sure that Airworx will go long way, and will be on lookout for their new videos, as should you.


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    If it is a video, check other works of Airworx here:

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