Drone Startups 7: Flexbot

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Flexbot is the smallest UAV featured here so far. It is a tiny, crowdfounded, open-source nanocopter, which can be controlled by a smartphone. A successful Kickstarter project has more than $500K pledged, and a small army of followers and users worldwide.

FlexbotBut it was not always peachy keen for Flexbot. When it was founded it was called Hex, and the whole fundraising campaign was run under that name with large Hex logo included. However, at the end of 2013. backers were informed that due to copyright conflict, the name of the quadrotor has to be changed. It had a snowball effect on production, and the pre-Christmas launch was delayed until February this year. But that story is a history now, and Flexbot is shipping their product on a massive scale.

With the price of only $49 for the basic product, Flexbot is inexpensive and fun to fly. It is world’s first consumer electronic product that uses 3D printing technology to achieve personalization. Users can select one of several shell designs for their copter, or they can send their design and Flexbot will print it out for them.

Flexbot at the beechTiny drone comes with a cool app for a smartphone that is open-source and hackable. One of their more expensive  products, costing whooping $159, comes with a small 720p webcam that sends real-time video to users mobile device.

Flexbot App Screenshot

Assembly of the drone takes less than five minutes, and requires no soldering, which is kind of cool if you don’t have a soldering gun at your disposal. How easy it is to assemble this nifty little drone, you can see in this video:

Flexbot is a perfect device for everyone interested in flying drones, but not interested in tinkering with the frame, motors and other pieces of hardware. But if you do want to do that, you can create your customized, personalized, pimped out copter, you can hack the app and get the drone you always wanted.

Pictures and video courtesy of Flexbot.

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