Drone Startups part 8: Easy Drone

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If you would like to make a good aerial photos and videos, you should have at least some knowledge of all the nuts and bolts of the gear you want to use. You must be able to set up your equipment, or in extreme cases you need to build, modify and calibrate the UAV you want to use, almost from scratch.

There are people, believe it or not, that are not that technically inclined, and they just want to take the flying machine, attach a camera to it, and fly it while making some breathtaking shots. They cannot choose a lot. One of the bestsellers that caters for that group is the DJI with the Phantom series of quadcopters. However, beside all the good sides, Phantom is not quite modular, and not that easy to transport.

That is where Easy Drone steps in. It is a flight ready, plug-and-play, out-of-the-box solution, for taking high quality aerial shots.

Easy Drone with Turnigy 9x RC

Easy Drone with Turnigy 9x RC

A modular frame, designed for the ease of transport and assembly, consists of detachable carbon rods with integrated motors and contacts, and can be assembled in mere minutes, without any tool. The Fly Bot command unit is then plugged in, and you are ready to go.


Frame assembling steps

Frame assembling steps

Plug the bot

Plug the bot

Impressive video of how small the transport box is and the ease with which the Easy Drone is assembled, you can see below.

The frame can carry up to 1,5 kg of load, which can include Sony NEX, Panasonic GH or Black Magic Pocket Camera with standard Sony lens. The command unit, Fly Bot is programmed to handle any combination of motors and blades, and will auto configure best settings without manual tuning.

Some of the key features of the Easy Drone are:

  1. Unique, light-weight frame – it is a proprietary design, that makes transportation and assembly breeze, while providing incredible strength
  2. One command unit – the Fly Bot, plug-and-play solution
  3. Fly Bot use on multiple frames – whether you prefer larger props and slower motors or other way around, just load the settings, and it will be optimized to a new frame
  4. Auto tuning – Easy Drone determines its own optimal settings
  5. Telemetry module built-in – connect to your computer or tablet to wirelessly change settings or choose a new flight path
  6. Video stream comes as a standard feature
  7. Flight data on the video screen – Altitude, speed, battery life and other data available on the preview video


Easy Drone mission planner

Easy Drone mission planner

Flight times are depending on the combination features and equipment turned on, but some average times are:

  • all features on (camera power, gimbal power, video link on) – approx. 12 minutes
  • gimbal on – approx. 14 minutes
  • no additional equipment – 16 minutes

Easy Drone is featured on Kickstarter. After only a couple of days the project has gathered 75% of the funds, and backers can grab their Easy Drone for $900 already. The success is no wonder, since it is an advanced modular multicopter (with built-in features such as automatic landing – check the video below), designed  for videographers that need quick, easy and affordable aerial shots. For more info on Easy Drone check their Easy Aerial webpage.

Launch date will be towards the end of the year. Parts are 95% finished, which means that assembly and shipping will start as soon as project is funded.

Dronologista considers Easy Drone one of the benchmark projects that can influence the design of multicopter UAV in the future, and will keep a close eye on new developments of Easy Drone.

Easy Drone – well done!

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6 responses to “Drone Startups part 8: Easy Drone”

  1. sony nex 5rk 1855 white says :

    Very good! I think the same.

    • dronologista says :

      Thanks for your comment.
      I don’t know if you followed up on this Kickstarter project, but they managed to get more than enough funds to start shipping their flyer soon.
      I think that Easy Drone done a great job here…

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