AirDog – The Drone You Can Not Get Rid Off

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How cool would it be to record all perfect moments while performing outdoor activities? Furthermore, to put them all in a compilation and share them widely, easily and instantly? How demanding that UAV system might be?

The answer comes with a funny name – AirDog drone. It provides such an exclusive and dedicated service to its owner. Technical details of the AirDog are scarce, but what is known is that the drone will feature a stabilized mount for a GoPro camera and will track the film-subject via bracelet, 3d printed by the Baltic 3D.

AirDog control bracelet printed by Baltic 3D

AirDog control bracelet printed by Baltic 3D

The concept, however, is not completely new: One of the first videos of auto-follow drone that appeared on the Youtube, was uploaded almost exactly one year ago. In it you can see the engineer behind the project explaining how he turned a Parrot AR drone 2.o, into a pet that will lock on person’s face and follow it like a good puppy.

It is going to be interesting to see how the manufacturer is going to prevent drone from colliding with other static and movable objects around the individual with the wristband (think of downhill bike ride through the woods). Moreover, it will be challenging to see how the drone is going to act on the unfavorable atmospheric conditions, which it might get exposed to, while closely following the subject.

If AirDog is not a prank like the Gofor was, we can soon expect a storm of AirDog made extreme sports videos all over the net.

What is really exciting about this concept that was finally made available, are other possibilities: imagine an NFL game where a couple of players would have similar tracking devices in their helmets, and the director can choose which one of them the AirDog should follow. What a touchdown video that would be… And if you think outside of the sports, what if a reporter in a warzone could have such gadget, and record him/herself dodging bullets on the frontline?

Be that as it may, AirDog will probably be the bestseller that will offer a very unique perspective of unfolding events, and dronologista will keep track of the project.

Pictures and videos courtesy of AirDog and Popular Science.


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8 responses to “AirDog – The Drone You Can Not Get Rid Off”

  1. Water Heater says :

    There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this subject. I love all the points you have made.|

    • dronologista says :

      It is a very interesting concept.
      There is another project, equally successful, called Hexo+ on Kickstarter, check it out if you are interested in this topic.

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