Drone Startups part 9: Skyteboard

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Although only five months young, dronologista blog has grown and needs a new attire.

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Social network controlled quadcopter, what in the world is that?

That would be Skyteboard, a quite nicely designed foldable quadcopter. It is controlled with an iOS or Android device, through a centralized social network, Fatdoor.com.

Skyteboard in flight mode

Skyteboard in flight mode

Being controlled via social network should allow multiple friends connected via Fatdoor social network to “do things never before possible with their mobile phones and tablets, such as “fly together” through formation flights, and do amazing coordinated activities”

Skyteboard features internal full HD camera, onboard 3G cellular, WiFi and payload capacity of 1lbs (bit less than 0.5kg). That payload capacity allows mounting of a GoPro camera for quite interesting double camera mode. Also, it should theoretically allow neighbors to exchange cupcakes or books (no, not books, no one reads books anymore). That is actually the whole idea behind Fatdoor robot business (they have one more robot called ‘Bot Appetit‘ – you should be able to imagine what it is for). Idea of neighbors connected through the social network, exchanging goodies, and having their meals delivered from corner deli shop.

And that is the biggest question mark looming over this project aiming for a $300.000 crowdfunding goal: why would someone send a drone over to his or her neighbor for a cup of sugar instead of just getting out of the house and doing it old school style? It might be that Skyteboard gets you more Fatdoor likes…

Startups are supposed to offer solutions to existing problems. Dronologista is not sure what problems Skyteboard solves apart of a problem of getting social network likes, which is not even a first world problem really. Beside dandy design, foldability (this feature is very valuable), integrated 3G control and possibility of carrying two cameras, it is not offering anything really novel and innovative. And it is not cheap either, as it should cost $1099.

If you would like to read more about Skyteboard you can check Kickstarter, Tom’s Guide, News For Shoppers and DIY Drones.

Picture and video courtesy of Fatdoor.com and Skyteboard.


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