SenseFly eBee RTK – new tool for aerial mapping

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On June 11th, senseFly announced arrival of their new flier: eBee RTK. It is a survey-grade aerial mapping tool that enables the collection of aerial photography to produce orthomosaics and digital elevation models with absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm. Their previous aerial mapping UAV, the eBee, had accuracy of 5cm, and it still produced quite impressive results, as it can be seen on the video below:

Weighing just 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs) the eBee RTK is one of the lightest drones on the market. Its flexible foam airframe and rear-mounted propeller are designed to ensure the safety of both the drone and the people on the ground. Autonomy is approximately 40 minutes on a single battery charge, flying with cruising speed between 36-57km/h. The eBee RTK can also resist winds of up to 45km/h (12m/s).

senseFly eBee RTK

senseFly eBee RTK


According to the specification, eBee RTK has approaching angle of 20°, which allows it to land in confined spaces. Usually, approaching angle for fixed wing UAV is around 5°.  Also, eBee RTK has integrated fallback procedures: if the eBee RTK’s sensors detect a critical situation a warning is shown via its eMotion ground control software. The eBee RTK then automatically initiates the relevant safety procedure, such as returning to its landing point if its battery runs low or strong wind is detected, or starting to climb if it detects it is close to the ground.

Important features:

  • 16MP still camera
  • up to 3km radio link
  • linear landing

Package contains:

  • eBee RTK body and detachable wings (incl. autopilot and electronics)
  • above mentioned 16MP still camera
  • 2,4 GHz ground modem for data link
  • two Li-Po battery packs and charger
  • spare propeller
  • Carry case with foam protection
  • Remote control and accessories
  • user manual
  • fully featured software

The eBee RTK should be available on the market in third quarter of 2014.

Detailed info about the product you can find on senseFly webpage.

Image and video courtesy of Parrot and senseFly.



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4 responses to “SenseFly eBee RTK – new tool for aerial mapping”

  1. (@Geomatching) says :

    Help out a colleague by writing your review on geo-matching.

  2. marselina says :

    could you please explain how much the accuracy when this RTK UAV system is using for hilly terrain ? How much the Z accuracy ? when we use Ground Control Point, we usually add more control point when it’s hilly, because the height differences is bigger.

    • dronologista says :

      Hi Marselina, thanks for your question.
      Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question. I guess asking guys from Sensefly would yield much better answer 🙂
      Btw. you can check the new dronologista page, you will find many more interesting and recent articles about unmanned vehicles…

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