Drone Startups part 12: SR2

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Although only five months young, dronologista blog has grown and needs a new attire.

As of 1st of September, dronologista.com moves to a new hosting, new address and slightly changes the appearance . Content will remain the same, and dronologista will continue to provide information about non-military drones only.


The problem identified by guys from SR2 is typical for every emerging market: there is no end-to-end solution yet. There are number of industries that could harness the potential of UAV, but they lack the skills and/or resources to design and build a reliable and professional system that fits their needs.

SR2 wants to provide solution: a professional UAV system that industrial players can use as a platform to develop their own applications. The system consists of:

  • payload independent UAV
  • base station
  • ruggedized remote control
  • automatic cloud data storage and processing


SR2 System

SR2 System

The UAV is prioritizes safety, redundancy and reliability to mitigate customer concerns about equipment failure, damage, loss and legal liability. To that end, SR2 has on onboard safety systems, including an emergency parachute.



The remote control console looks sleek and efficient, without too many components. SR2 team claims to have identified many industrial engineering improvements that could make it more durable.

SR2 remote control console

SR2 remote control console


A thing that should distinguish SR2 system from other systems that could enter the market, would be the team that stands behind the name. They are having a lot of experience in robotics, engineering, product development manufacturing, and perhaps most importantly, global sales and support.

The concept that SR2 offers could be very attractive for industries that could use UAV with limited autonomy for their needs. Inspection of equipment or infrastructure that is difficult to reach (e.g. wind turbines) is exactly the task for which this system has been built. If the SR2 manages to provide a true industrial end-to-end solution for UAV application, it could be a very successful story.

More information on SR2 webpage, they have even some interesting job openings.

Pictures courtesy of SR2.

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