Another successful Kickstarter campaign

Dear friends,

Although only five months young, dronologista blog has grown and needs a new attire.

As of 1st of September, moves to a new hosting, new address and slightly changes the appearance . Content will remain the same, and dronologista will continue to provide information about non-military drones only.


After a short break caused by family gatherings, dronologista is back with some good news. Another Kickstarter project that was featured here, Maps Made Easy, got successfully funded! Out of three Kickstarter projects supported by dronologista (Easy Drone, AirDog and now Maps Made Easy), all three got their funds and are moving beyond fundraising phase.

Here is the part of the statement made by Maps Made Easy crew, right after the funding session was over:

Words can’t express the gratitude we are feeling for all the support we have received through this entire process.  From our proof readers and critical minds to the new contacts and old friends, we want to thank you all.  We know this was a pretty technical topic for Kickstarter, but the right people found us and loved the idea.  Lasting business relationships have been formed.

As we roll out parts of the site we will continue to post our progress here.  After the campaign closes we will be in contact with everyone to sort out reward delivery and scheduling of the various activities.

We really can’t thank everybody enough and will talking to you all soon.

Truly humbled,

Tudor and the Maps Made Easy team

Great job guys, and good luck!


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2 responses to “Another successful Kickstarter campaign”

  1. Daniel says :

    The amazing fact about drones is that it can be portable and easy to handle, it just need a short time of practice and you will be bale to pilot it. Aside to that, it can be mounted with cameras,sensors,etc. that can help you with your research and other legal concerns, one of that is the aerial photography/mapping on which it can really help a lot of people regarding to information and data collections.

    • dronologista says :

      Thanks for your comment, Daniel.
      You are absolutely right about their versatility. Though drones are not some almighty tool that will magically transform the society, they have the potential, an in the right hands they can definitely change the way society works. Think of Google Maps for example: soon you won’t need expensive satellite imagery for that, it will be replaced by aerial mapping UAV…

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