M.A.R.S. Parachutes – How to save your equipment

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Although only five months young, dronologista blog has grown and needs a new attire.

As of 1st of September, dronologista.com moves to a new hosting, new address and slightly changes the appearance . Content will remain the same, and dronologista will continue to provide information about non-military drones only.


Couple of weeks ago, I posted an article here about the DJI Drop Safe system that reduces the speed of your malfunctioned, free-falling, rather expensive equipment. Although quite ingenious, that system has a serious flaw: it can be mounted only on DJI Spreading Wings S800 and S1000. So if you are flying something else, well, you better pray. Or, check dronologista from time to time, and find out what other “drop speed reducing” options are available on the market.

M.A.R.S. Parachutes is perhaps the first establishment dedicated exclusively to development of systems that will improve safety of drone operations and prevent costly accidents. It was created in 2013 with the idea to help save valuable equipment in the event of failure of multirotor craft. The guys behind it realized that with the growing number of multirotor enthusiasts, there was also a growing concern for public safety, especially from government agencies all over the world, so they wanted to make a durable, reliable product to help protect both people and property.

Deployment sequence


Response to M.A.R.S. Parachute system was very positive, and in no time dealers from eight countries have started selling drone saving system, including parachutes and special mounts to fit various types of UAV.

Right now there are three main product lines:

  1. The M.A.R.S.S MINI – This system is designed to be affordable for the hobbyist and for small UAV’s such as the Flame Wheel, and the TBS discovery. It has a suggested system weight up to 4lbs (1.8kg) and uses a 36” parachute system.
  2. The M.A.R.S. 58: Use this system on craft weighing up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) and uses 58 Inch parachute.
  3. The M.A.R.S.120: This system is designed for the Professional Heavy Lift Copters like the Cinestar and Skyjib systems. Has a suggested system weight up to 25lbs (11.5kg). This system uses a 120” parachute to drastically reduce the fall speed to help ensure minimal damage and give you peace of mind in case of a malfunction while in flight. With a recently revealed quick release system it can be used with the DJI S1000.

Fixed wing UAV can also be fitted with M.A.R.S. Parachutes system, making floating landing possible.

So if you are worried about your camera high up in the sky, and you don’t have any safety system (or at least good insurance coverage), maybe it would be a good idea to contact these guys, and see what M.A.R.S. Parachutes can do for you.

Mars 120 mounted

M.A.R.S. 120 mounted


M.A.R.S. 58 solo



Images and videos courtesy of M.A.R.S. Parachutes.

Thank you Andrew!


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