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Landslide surveying UAV – Bramor C4EYE

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Last weeks floods that devastated large parts of Balkan peninsula, left behind a trail of destruction with consequences that will last for years. One of the threats caused by the deluge are landslides. Since the affected area is very large, there are many activated landslides that are endangering whole settlements.

In order to tackle the problem, Bosnian government acquired Bramor C4EYE system made by C-ASTRAL, a Slovenian UAS manufacturer. Bramor C4EYE is a catapult launched, blended wing design drone, well suited for remote sensing applications. Made of are kevlar, carbon and vectran, the Bramor C4EYE is both lightweight and sturdy.

Bramor C4EYE

Bramor C4EYE

The system is highly mobile and fits into a MILSPEC, rain resistant backpack with the GCS embedded industry standard rugged package and is designed for fast deployment, flight ready in less than five minutes. It can be safely operated by single operator/pilot in command.

Bramor C4EYE case

Bramor C4EYE case

With the endurance of 3 hours and operational range of 30 kilometers, it will greatly improve landslide surveying in the areas affected by floods. It will enable specialists to cover large areas quickly, spot potential or activated landslides, and react before it is too late.

Consequences of any natural or man-made disaster can be very difficult to remediate. UAV can certainly made this task little bit easier.

Detailed technical specification of the Bramor C4EYE UAS can be found on C-ASTRAL webpage.

Pictures and video courtesy of C-ASTRAL.