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Drones for pest control

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Although only five months young, dronologista blog has grown and needs a new attire.

As of 1st of September, dronologista.com moves to a new hosting, new address and slightly changes the appearance . Content will remain the same, and dronologista will continue to provide information about non-military drones only.


Drones are being increasingly used in farming. In one of the previous posts, dronologista presented HoneyComb, a startup company focused on precision agriculture using drone-based sensing and imaging technology. Other efforts are bit more low tech but still very impressive, such as this crops spraying UAV designed by Mr. Zhang Aiguo from China.

Zhang Aiguo flies a crop dusting drone

Zhang Aiguo flies a crop dusting drone. Courtesy of China Daily and Xinhua

One of the companies that are trying to enter what is expected to become a very lucrative market, is  Height-Tech from Bielefeld, Germany. Their latest video shows how UAV can be used for pest control. Trichogramma, beneficial parasite used against European corn borer, is being discharged from one of the Height-Tech drones. Waypoints, distance and number of drops can be preplanned thus reducing time and costs for pest control.

Picture and video courtesy of China Daily and Height-Tech