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Triathlon drone accident

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Although I intended to post an article about Flying Donkey Challenge (Flying Donkey is, yes, a cargo drone), unfortunate event that happened in Australia has the priority, in order to highlight the need for safe drone operation.

On Sunday 6th of April, during Endure Batavia Triathlon, in Geraldton, Australia, a female competitor was hit in the head by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The drone was operated by local videographers covering the event with live footage, when the owner lost the control of the copter. In his statement, the owner said that it seems like someone hacked into the system, and caused drone to lose control and crash into the athlete.


Courtesy of Peta Kingdon and Everything Geraldton

Mrs. Ogden treated by paramedics


Whether that is a case or not, will be established by Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, that has launched serious accident investigation.

This event is the clear showcase of the stage in which civilian and commercial UAV operation is at the moment. Lack of regulation makes this domain of human activity very uncertain, or, as in this case, outright dangerous. But, similar to the beginning of last century when traffic safety was an unknown term, I expect that something like ‘drone safety’ concept will spring up soon. Hopefully, the price for it won’t be paid in injuries and bystanders lives.

The injured athlete from the beginning of the story, although shocked by the event, luckily sustained minor injuries, and is in stable condition.

Dronologista wishes her a quick and full recovery, and many medals in future triathlons.


Picture and text courtesy of Everything Geraldton and Peta Kingdon. Thank you!